iPad Runs DOS and Windows with iDOS Emulator App

Getting an iPad to run operating systems other than Apple’s iOS has been a bit of an obsession for many gadget lovers recently. We’ve previously shown users running Chrome OS and Windows 95 on the iPad and thanks to iDOS, a new DOS emulation iPad app, users can add DOS and Windows 3 to the mix.

iDOS is a new DOS emulator app for the iPhone or iPad and comes form indie iOS app developer FastIntelligence.  The app allows the iPad to emulate a Windows compatible PC and run DOS or even Microsoft Windows 3. iPhone gaming website, Touch Arcade spent some time with the app and said ” This is unreal. The capabilities of this emulator is insane.”

iDOS, previously named DOSPAD, is based on DOSBox which is one of the most popular open-source x86 emulators available on the web. DOSBox was initially designed so gamers could run classic MS-DOS games on newer machines which didn’t support older DOS games.  Although DOSBox was initially designed to run games, any MS-DOS application should be able to run using the emulator.  Developers have even been able to get BeOS, Linux, OS/2, Windows and even Mac OS X running on top of DOSBox so we are interested to see what OSs we’ll see running on iDOS in the future.

iDOS was just released today in the iTunes App Store after spending months in approval limbo. The developer tried to get the app approved months ago but finally gave up due to Apple’s ban on emulation apps.  Thanks to the recent change in Apple’s App Store submission policy, emulator app are now allowed and finally opened the doors for iDOS to be approved.

The app supports both landscape and portrait modes for screen viewing and user can force a 4:3 screen aspect ratio if desired. iPad owners are able to input commands with the included PC compatible soft-keyboard or can mouse around thanks to the app’s mouse support.

If you want to go old school and play some of your vintage DOS or Windows 3 games on your iPad, give iDOS a shot.  You can get it now from the app store for only 99¢.

[Update: Apple has now pulled iDOS from the App Store. No word yet from Apple on the removal of the app.]

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