Adobe AIR 2.5 Targets the iPad/iPhone, TVs and Other Tablets

In an effort to spark developers interest and to keep developers from building apps solely for HTML5 and other tools, Adobe has announced today the release of Adobe AIR 2.5.

This means that developers can create non-browser Flash apps and package them for iPhone, Android devices, tablets including the iPad, as well as support for TVs.

With this new version, Adobe is trying hard to provide its development community a way to build apps once and have them deployed on multiple platforms. Adobe AIR 2.5 will allow developers to leverage existing code to create and deliver standalone applications across multiple devices (iOS, Android, BlackBerry tablet, PC and Mac).

In addition, it seems that Samsung will be the first television manufacturer to ship Adobe AIR in its line of Samsung SmartTV devices. Other manufacturers like Acer, HTC, Motorola and RIM are expected to ship the runtime pre-installed on a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones later this year and early 2011.

As part of the announcement, Adobe is also launching a new market for Adobe AIR apps called InMarket, which will work alongside existing app stores. This is a big challenge for Adobe because InMarket only works with Intel’s AppUp market store (at the moment), and we already know how big the Apple development community is. The company plans to follow a model that will give 70 percent of the revenue to developers, while Adobe takes care of credit card processing, hosting, and marketing.

Keep in mind that with this move Adobe certainly wants to push its Flash tools as the starting point for apps across many devices. However, Adobe Air runtime will still have to support the development of iOS apps by converting them into native format.

Adobe AIR 2.5 runtime and SDK will be available today. Will Adobe AIR drive a huge development community across multiple devices?

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