Fall Fashion with Marie Claire on the iPad

Plan your fall wardrobe with Marie Claire and your iPad.  Fashionistas will eat up the latest fall fashion tips in the new Marie Claire Fall Fashion A to Z from Hearst Communications.

Find fashion at your finger tips with the launch of this app.  Marie Claire Fall Fashion A to Z is a true interactive multimedia application and not a digital magazine.  When you start the app, it presents you with a collection of clothes, shoes, boots, bags and beauty products in a large collage page.  You can move easily around the screen by dragging your finger and tapping items when you see something you like.  Tap once and a more detailed picture appears with pricing, pictures of related items and the View More option.  Mark your favorite items with the Favorite box, pinch to zoom for more detail and share items with your girlfriends via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Access the ABCs of Style with the red arrow tab on the left side of the screen and view fashion from animal prints to zippers.  Select one of the ABC categories and you’ll see a variety of items that fit the description. You’ll also get a variety of runway videos and 360-degree views of bags and shoes.

Additional categories provide you with even more fashion tips.

  • The “7 Days of Dressing” calendar provides a week’s worth of outfit ideas sure to help you “kiss nothing-to-wear mornings buh-bye.”
  • Test L’Oreal’s fab fall makeup colors using”Virtual Makeup.”  Select the model that best represents your skin tone and practice applying the latest fall colors with the virtual tester.
  • “StyleList” fashion experts provide you with advice on what to wear, how to wear it and why this season.

If you’re looking to stretch your dollar, you won’t be able to do it with most of the items shown in this app but it’s a great way to get fall fashion ideas.  Marie Claire Fall Fashion A to Z is featured in the App Store’s New and Noteworthy section and is available now for $2.99.

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