President Obama Signs an iPad

Want a presidential autograph? Simply bring your iPad with you! Sylvester Cann IV, a native of Seattle, WA, managed to get President Obama to sign his iPad during a rally at the University of Washington earlier this week.

The young man simply launched Adobe’s Ideas and quickly drew a picture that reads: “Mr. President, sign my iPad”, in order to get the president to sign his iPad.

Despite some hesitation from Secret Service, an amused President Obama complied and used his finger to leave his autograph on Cann’s iPad.

Cann put together a small website to commemorate the event, and even taped the whole thing.

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  • Mojanemojan

    Great Moments for Cann, and off course interesting news.

  • gee47

    All this hoopla over Obama and Steve Jobs, is this a political endorsement by Pad gadget and other similar sites? Steve Jobs makes a great product but I doubt he can fix the economy, or can he? Money and politics are very comfortable together.

    • Bill

      Nope, PadGadget’s not taking any sides when it comes to politics. We just thought the story would be interesting to our readers. After all, it’s not everyday that the President meets with Steve Jobs to discuss technology.