Dual Dock iPad Design Confirmed by European Trade Mark Office

Rumors that new iPads will feature dual dock connectors to support landscape docking are in full swing again.  Website Patently Apple recently discovered the European Trademarks and Designs Registration Office received an application from Apple for an iPad with two 30 pin dock connectors.  The iPad design in the application submission is identical to the Apple patent application previously discovered in China’s Patent and Trademark Office.

The new application once again highlights two dock connectors on the iPad allowing the device to be docked in either portrait or landscape mode.  This design differs from the current iPad which has a single dock connector located on the bottom of the device allowing the device to be docked in a portrait orientation. An iPad with dual dock connectors would make it possible to also dock the device in landscape mode which could be useful for typing applications or watching movies.

Apple often files patents and trademark designs without them ever seeing the light of day so it is hard to tell whether these features will make it into a future iPad or even get past an early design study.

While the dual dock design would be convenient, having two dock connectors on the side of a future iPad doesn’t seem to follow Apple’s design philosophy of keeping their products clean and simple. We would be surprised to see this feature on an Apple iPad anytime in the near future.

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