Fans of Old School Zelda-like RPGs, Across Age HD for iPad is Out

Across Age, the critically acclaimed top-down RPG for the iPhone, has finally been ported to the iPad. Named Across Age HD, the iPad version is simply gorgeous, and should please most old school RPG gamers.

Like the iPhone version, the game tells the tale of Ales, a knight on a quest to kill an evil overlord using time-travel to erase from history everyone who opposes him. The hero is not alone, as Ales is joined by a young mage girl named Ceska, who is also able to time-travel.

Graphics are very similar to what the Super Nintendo used to offer when at its peak, with colorful sprites, top-down 2D worlds, and most of all, rich storylines. The story actually shares many similarities with the award-winning Chrono Trigger, while the graphics are very close to games like Zelda.

The game is an action-oriented RPG, and features many puzzles Ales and Ceska will need to solve, together or separately. Actions from one character will impact the progress of the other character, and vice-versa. Traveling in time will also be required to solve many puzzles, as you will need to perform actions in the past in order to progress in the present.

Besides the new HD graphics, the iPad release also offers a new dungeon and a new boss. Across Age HD should keep you entertained for at least 15 hours, offers a compelling story, nice cut-scenes, and numerous puzzles, monsters, and locations.

Across Age HD was released yesterday, and costs $7.99.

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