Miss Spider’s Bedtime Story for iPad – App Review

When Miss Spider’s Tea Party for the iPad was released in April, it was an instant hit and has remained an App Store favorite ever since.  Callaway Digital Arts launched its most recent iPad title last week and it comes as no surprise that Miss Spider’s Bedtime Story for iPad is just as impressive as the original.

Miss Spider’s Bedtime Story for iPad includes the same great features and quality we love from Callaway.  Kids and parents will enjoy reading, watching and playing with Miss Spider and her family of bugs in this brightly colored story and game app.

In “Read” mode, Miss Spider and the whole buggy family create a web chart to track whether or not the little buggies go to bed on time.  When Mom and Dad (Miss Spider and Holley) have problems following their own bedtime advice and find themselves oversleeping because of late night chores, the little buggies pitch in to help and make sure every bug makes it to bed on time.  Read the story on your own or tap the speaker icon to listen to the narration and then move on to the next page by tapping the page turning icon.

“Watch” mode presents you with a movie version of the Bedtime Story seen in Read mode.  Unlike the original Tea Party app, this app does not use the exact text from the story, but rather expands on it to create an animated movie filled with details and characters kids will love.

The app delivers even more fun with three different play modes:  Match, Paint and Puzzle.  “Match” mode lets kids choose between 16 and 30 cards in a Memory style card game.  You’ll have fun tapping and matching pictures together as you play.  “Paint” mode includes lots of different pictures, colors and brushes for kids to complete their own original work of art.  Don’t forget to save their special images to Photos and share them with family and friends.  Finally “Puzzle” mode gives kids a choice of six puzzles containing either six or twelve pieces.  Tap to start, drag and drop pieces into place and then watch the scenes come to life once finished.

What I liked: Just as great as the original Miss Spider app.  I loved the brightly colored graphics, cute story, animated movie and fun games.

What I didn’t like: Nothing.  Like Miss Spider’s Tea Party, I think this app is more expensive than many kid’s apps, but worth the price if you’ve got little ones at home.

To buy or not to buy: Miss Spider’s Bedtime Story for iPad provides great interactive fun for kids and parents.  If you have young kids, you can’t go wrong with this iPad app purchase.  As a matter of fact, Callaway Digital Arts is so sure you’ll like it, they guarantee a refund if you don’t.

Miss Spider’s Bedtime Story for iPad is available at the introductory price of $7.99 for a limited time only so don’t delay and buy now.

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