Miso Music iPad Guitar App Wins People’s Choice Award

Startup Miso Media received a big boost yesterday when it won the People’s Choice Award at the Tech Crunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco.  At the conference, the company unveiled its upcoming iPad music application, Miso Music, which teaches users how to play guitar and jam to their favorite tunes.

With licensed music from Sony/ATV, Miso Music helps you learn the tablature for your favorite songs by displaying the tabs across the screen as the music plays.  Miso Music goes a step further than simply displaying the notes it also actively listens, using the iPad’s buil-in microphone, to what you are playing and provides on screen guides to make sure you are playing correctly.

Users can select from 6 different types of virtual instruments, including Guitars, Ukuleles, Bass Guitars, 5-String Bass Guitars, Mandolins and Banjos.  According to the company, the app’s instruments feature accurate effects such as vibrato, hammer-ons / pull-offs, harmonics and the ability to capo frets so users get a real world feel when playing the virtual instruments in Miso Music.

The app is not out yet but should hit the App Store in two weeks according to Tech Crunch.  A basic version of the app will be available for free and a pro version, which includes more instruments, will set you back $2.99.  Additional songs can be purchased inside the app for 99¢ – $2.99.

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  • Sherrie

    Is this app still available for free?