Learning Animal Sounds is Fun HD – First Look

Moo!  Buzz!  Oink!  New to the App Store is Learning Animal Sounds is Fun HD for the iPad by developer Alexandre Minard.  Toddlers and preschoolers love to show off their animal sound making skills and the three different game modes in this cute little app will amuse them.

Begin the animal kingdom adventure in Free Mode where kids get to choose from 20 brightly colored animal cards.  They simply tap a card and listen to the sound from each animal.

Next, Recognition Mode lets kids match the sound of an animal to the appropriate card. Listen to a sound and then drag the matching animal card to the “?” spot on the screen. There are three different levels for kids to choose from and the higher the level, the more sounds and cards kids have to match.

  • One Star – one sound with three cards to choose from
  • Two Stars – two sounds with four cards to choose from
  • Three Stars – three sounds with five cards to choose from

If multiple sounds and cards come into play, kids must place the cards into the spots in the correct order. For example, if you hear a lion, elephant and dog in level three, you must place the cards into the spots in that order. There are five games in each session and players receive a round of applause if they pick the correct card.  Then at the end of each session, they’re also told how many answers were correct.

Finally, Memory Mode lets kids test their sound recognition and memory as well.  Just like the traditional memory style card game, this mode has a number of cards face down on the screen.  Kids must tap cards, listen to the animal sound and try to find a match.  When sound matches are discovered, the cards flip over to reveal a picture of the animal.  Like Recognition Mode, Memory Mode also has three different star levels. The higher the level, the more cards to match on the screen.  Kids receive a score once they’ve matched all the cards and can also race against the clock while testing their memory.

This brightly-colored, kid-friendly game will both entertain and challenge toddlers and preschoolers with varying skill levels. Learning Animal Sounds is Fun HD is available in the App Store now for $1.99.

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  • Some Like It Hot

    Learning Animal Sounds is LAME

    • Jess


    • Dan

      Wow what a useful set of comments. If you don’t like something could you at least share what you didn’t like about the app. Based on your comments I can assume you’re either juvenile or a troll.

      • Some Like It Hot

        Are you the author? If yes, can i get a refund? The application is not good, my 2 year old hated it and learned nothing.

  • Dan

    Nope, I’m not the author and I have nothing to do with the app.

    As the title suggests, the app is about animal sounds and letting kids have fun recognizing sounds.

    My neighbors kids love the game and they range in age from 3 – 6.