NFL Sunday Ticket for iPad Just Released

If you happen to be a fan of football and a DirecTV customer, you’re in luck: the satellite company just released its NFL Sunday Ticket™ app for the iPad, and the app rocks.

Whether you’re a Cowboys fan living in Colorado, a displaced Steelers fan in Syracuse or a member of the Raider Nation in Raleigh, the app lets you follow your favorite team no matter where you live. With your DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket™ To-Go subscription, you can use the app to watch every game every Sunday no matter where you are – and no need for a TV, all you need is your iPad.

NFL Sunday Ticket™ includes:
– Live Streaming Videos, including HD (NFL Sunday Ticket™ game, plus the Red Zone Channel®)
– Highlights, to relive the big moments you may have missed
– Scores, Status, and Schedule
– Instant Stats, a fantasy footballers favorite

NFL Sunday Ticket™ is available in the App Store and is free, as long as you are a DirecTV customer. Note that some extra features will require a DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket™ To-Go subscription. Alternatively, if you are not a DirecTV customer, and are looking for a completely free app – albeit much less fancy – you can try CBS’s Sports Pro Football for iPad, a nice football news/stats app released recently as well.

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  • Timmy1234

    i like to watch on Mobile TV Platinum, works great

    • lorygil

      Great suggestion. We’ll check it out.