Google Releases New AdSense Options for iPad Developers

Google announced today they are releasing a new feature for iPad developers using AdSense.  With the new feature, iPad app developers can now display Google AdSense ads directly within their application, giving them a new way to monetize their app.  This option will allow developers to offer customers more free apps by making money through advertising.

With the new iOS SDK, iPad apps now support ads served in three standard IAB sizes, Leaderboard 720×90 pixels, Banner 468×60 and Medium Rectangle 300×250.  Support of these ad formats allows developers to quickly integrate ads into their apps and grow their revenue through advertising. This move also allows advertisers to expand their reach and promote their brands in the hot apps market space.

To use the feature, developers must be based in the USA or Canada and sign-up to participate in Google’s AdSense for Mobile Applications beta program.  Once signed up, partners will have access to the ad features in the latest  iOS SDK build.

AdSense is Google’s largest source of revenue and it’s not surprising to see Google support the growing number of iPad developers with AdSense.  Apple and Google, after a partnership of many years, have started competing more directly with one another. Google is pushing into the smartphone and tablet business with Android vs Apple’s iOS business.  Apple in turn is going after Google’s advertising business with the recent launch of iAds for iOS devices. This is shaping up to be an epic battle, as Terrell Owens would say “get your popcorn ready!”

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