Something Unique – DODOcase iPad Case

With thousands of iPad accessories on the market, every now and then something unique comes along.  Enter the DODOcase.  This book style case is not only different, but also helping to revive the near extinct bookbinding industry in San Francisco.  Movement of manufacturing to countries with cheaper wages and the introduction of eReaders over the past few years has seriously impacted a once booming bookbinding business in the Bay Area and the DODO is now here to help.

The philosophy behind the DODOcase business for co-founders Patrick Buckley and Craig Dalton was “helping to protect this art form and the tradition behind it” and it appears to be working.  Gabi Hanoun, owner of Cardoza-James Binding where the cases are manufactured, is looking to increase his employee numbers for the first time in years.  Over 10,000 units were sold in the first few months of the iPad’s release which won DODOcase a $100,000 prize in the Shopify Build a Business competition for new webstores.

This hand made case, using traditional bookbinding techniques, looks and feels just like a real book.  It’s lightweight, eco-friendly design makes the DODOcase an attractive option for iPad users.  Not only will the classic design look good, but also protect your device.  Users have easy access to all ports and buttons while an elastic band keeps the case securely fastened when they’re on the move.

Although the DODOcase won’t single handedly be able to turn things around for the bookbinding industry in San Francisco, it’s doing its part to help the cause.  You can purchase a DODOcase for $59.95 and do your part to help the industry too.

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    Definitely one of the top iPad case in the market today! They made our list of top folio cases, btw. :)