Chore Pad for iPad – First Look

Responsibility is one thing most parents want to teach their children and chores are a great way to do it. My kids have a number or chores they are responsible for completing everyday, my problem is tracking their progress. Chore Pad for iPad will help me do that.

This great new app lets parents enter names for different users (kids) and customize a list of chores for each one.  Add chores by entering chore names and chore frequency and then assign point values for each one.  A chart appears once a user is created and chores are entered.  Kids do their chores and then tap the corresponding square and receive a check mark.  Tracking progress is easy with a view of the week.  A quick glance shows you which chores need to be done, on which days in addition to what has already been accomplished.

Parents can do more than just list chores and track them with this app, they can also assign rewards for point accumulation.  You can customize the rewards to be anything you like such as ice cream, money or even some TV time and you can assign each reward a point value.  The more chores kids complete, the more points they collect.  Once the chores are done, users can go to the Payout/Rewards window where the rewards they are eligible for appear in bold.  Once your kid collects enough points, let them go to Payout and exchange their points for rewards.  Of course you’ll need to provide any rewards you define.

Chore Pad is an easy way to list and track your kids and their chores.   It’s available from the App Store for $2.99.

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