Apple Hits 20,000 iPad Apps Milestone

The iPad apps market continues its rapid growth and today just passed the 20,000 mark in the App Store.  Apple hit the 10,000 iPad apps mark in June, just 70 days after the launch of the iPad.  It took Apple just 60 days to add the next 10,000 iPad apps for a total of 20,000 iPad specific or Universal apps in the App Store.  This number is particularly impressive considering Apple already had thousands of apps pre-approved for the iPad launch on April 3.

With over 20,000 iPad apps now available, Apple has made the iPad one of the fastest growing application ecosystems in the company’s history.  The iPad app ecosystem is currently the third largest mobile apps platform behind iPhone and Android. If you combine all iOS apps, there are nearly three times as many iOS apps as there are Android apps.

The pace of iPad apps continues to grow, with Apple adding 1,481 new iPad apps during the previous week.

*Data from the PadGadget Apps Tracker and Apple App Store.

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  • lrd

    I can’t wait to see the iPad apps pass Android apps in numbers later thisl year. Let’s see what the media & the pundits are going to say then.

  • Mike

    Not really that impressive since a good number of apps are either books or foreign language apps.

  • mkvhelp

    that’s why we love mac