Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy – iPad App Coming Soon

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy is an enchanting story written by award-winning author Tina Turbin and beautifully illustrated by award-winning illustrator Aija Jasuna.  This story is sure to entertain young children and is coming to the App Store for the iPad soon.

In the story, a little boy named Jimmy finds a very unique seashell during his trip to the beach.  When he discovers the shell can talk, his adventure begins.  Once Jimmy arrives home, he finds his incredible little seashell houses a surprisingly big green dragon named Danny and his navigator, Skipper.  Together they spend time with Jimmy’s family and have some fun.  This feel-good story teaches important lessons like: despite our differences we can all get along, it’s nice to have good manners and even doing chores can be fun.

Mom’s Choice Awards® recently awarded the story’s high standards with the “Silver Award for Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy; named among the best in family-friendly products.”

I am honored to be the recipient of this award. Not only does it highlight the fact that Danny the Dragon is truly for families, but I’m also pleased to know that Danny has been recognized as aligning with the Mom’s Choice standards of excellence: high quality ethical products and high quality of design, educational value, entertainment value and originality of production. – Tina Turbin

Buy the book or DVD of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy now or wait for the children’s book app for the iPad/iPhone from iStorytime coming soon (release date will be announced mid-August).  No matter how they read it, kids will enjoy the fun, beautifully illustrated story about Danny and Jimmy.

Note:  A portion of DVD profits are donated by Tina Turbin to support causes to improve literacy and education.  Audiobook/CD profits are donated to the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center.

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