Free “Disney Movies” App for iPad

The Walt Disney Studios has launched a new Disney Movies app, exclusively for your iPad, that let you discover more about current and classic Disney movies. This is part of a continuing effort to engage fans and provide everyone with access to fan favorite Disney movies.

The app is a good  way for fans to learn more about the creative content that is currently available from Walt Disney Studios. It provides a way for you to stay informed on the latest movie releases, what’s available on theaters, search and discover new details about films.

Once you download the app, you can preview the most recent trailers and read a synopsis of featured movies. You will see local theaters and show-times for Disney films, buy tickets via Fandango and other online movie ticket providers.

In addition, the app has the ability to connect you with online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Disney Store to purchase Disney movies on Blu-ray or Disney DVD. From what we’ve heard more partners will be added in future updates. For users who would prefer to receive movies electronically, iPad users will also have the ability to download them digitally into their iTunes or Vudu account.

More than 60 movies are currently featured via Disney’s app. Any new content that becomes available will be automatically updated.

We noticed a few bugs when playing video trailers. But, we believe a new update is coming soon. The “Disney Movies” app is now available on the App Store for free.

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  • Amber Wright

    I tried to download the app but it says its not available oin the U.S market?

    • lorygil

      You are correct. This article is from 2010. It is likely that Disney pulled the app sometime within the past 3 years.