iPad Apps Blast Past the 10,000 Mark

The iPad hit another milestone today with the availability of over 10,000 iPad applications (iPad specific or Universal) in the Apple Apps Store. Apple was able to hit the 10,000 apps mark just 70 days after the launch of the iPad on April 3. This beats the pace set by the iPhone in 2008 when it took almost five months to reach 10,000 apps.

If measured separately, the iPad would be the third most popular mobile applications platform behind the iPhone (250,000 apps) and Android Market (50,000 apps).

The rapid rise of the iPad eco-system is truly impressive when compared to the iPad’s competition. It took the Android Market almost 11 months to reach 10,000 apps after it launched in 2008. Palm, RIM and Nokia, based on recent data from Morgan Stanley, all have less than 7,000 apps available in their app stores.

The pace of iPad apps shows no sign of slowing, with over 950 new iPad apps added weekly.

*Data from the PadGadget Apps Tracker and Apple App Store.

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  • http://ipadcasesblog.com iPad Case

    Thanks for sharing looks like they’ll have more apps than the iPhone if they continue in this fast rate.

  • Anonymous

    Number of apps in an application store is a very bad metric to measure the application store’s worthiness. The Android Market has almost all trash applications given the its absolutely no screening policy whereas the quality of apps in other app stores is relatively better.

    Most apps on Android Market are porn or “beautiful asian girl” “sex positions” apps that serve no purpose for most!!!

  • http://ranggaw0636.student.ipb.ac.id/ ranggaw0636

    It’s better to have small quantity of good apps rather than thousand trash

  • N. Venkatraman

    I think we need a better metric than merely the number of apps. Number is a good metric to start but we need metrics that measure the uniqueness of apps, order of launch across different platforms, time spent on apps, etc. I do hope that you will research and report on the apps that truly create ‘stickiness’ to the platform and the decision processes made by the companies to make their apps on one or more alternative platforms.

  • http://blog.chipp.com Chipp

    Yep, but are 2 million AppStore apps a good thing?

  • http://www.mkvhelp.org/ mkvhelp

    so the next wwdc’s seats are all taken for long.