iZones for iPad – First Look

App developer JBMJBM just released iZone, a new time zone planning app for the iPad.  The app is designed to help users coordinate all the time zones they might call or visit through an interactive visual interface.  Since I’m on conference calls a lot for my job, I thought I’d give iZone a try.

When I plan a call, I’m routinely running time zone numbers through my head to find the best time to accommodate people in Asia, Europe and both coasts of the US.  This can be a time consuming task, especially if you have to account for countries observing Daylight Savings Time at different dates in the year.  To ease the process, I usually use free web tools like World Meeting Planner and Agree Date but I was looking forward to an iPad based app that wouldn’t require me to connect to the Internet.

The iZone app is straight forward to use, simply drag the slider to the time you’re interested in and you’ll see local times and dates listed for all the time zones you have selected.  There are 80+ times zones to choose from and I had no problem finding the 10 time zones I use most frequently for my calls.

iZone’s visual interface let me quickly view several times (up to 12 hours before or after my local time) across my selected time zones.  The slider is easy to use but it can be tricky to select the precise time you want. I’d like to see a time and date entry option to precisely set dates and times for meetings beyond the +/- 12 hour window the app currently displays.

If you have frequent international calls or travel, this could be a nice app to add to your iPad. iZone is off to a good start for a 1.0 release. With the addition of date and time entry and the ability to plan meetings in the future, this could eventually replace the web tools I currently rely on for my meeting planning.

iZone 1.0 is available in the App Store for $1.99.

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  • http://everytimezone.com Amy

    Your review was fair — but I’d like to point out that the developer completely ripped off the concept and interaction/behavior of my app, http://everytimezone.com. It is optimized for the iPad, and it is free – save the bookmark to your home screen and it works offline.