iPads Helping in St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Being in the hospital is never fun, and often a little scary!  It’s even more so for little kids dealing with an illness.  The staff at St. Louis Children’s Hospital is using iPads to help patients deal with their treatments. Another great example of how iPads are being incorporated into everyday situations.

This video will not play on your iPad.

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  • Mike Miller

    The video in your article says that it will not play on my iPad. Oops!

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  • Matynabib

    I have to agree, there is serious irony here in that this video won’t play on the iPad… I think you need to watch those embeds!

    • Bill

      Mike & Matynabib – The video is flash based and is only available in that format from the news station we reference in the story. We try to use iPad compatible video whenever possible but sometimes the source does not use iPad friendly video formats. Sometimes we have to make the hard choice to include video related to a story even though we know it won’t be viewable on the iPad. When we run stories with this type of content we include a text warning saying the video will not play on the iPad. This warning doesn’t come from the video but is an indicator we provide to help warn readers that they won’t be able to watch the video using their iPad.

      We can’t wait for the day when all web video is done using open standards like html5 and h.264. Until then, we’ll do our best to get the best iPad related news out to our readers.

      We appreciate you reading PadGadget!

  • Mike Miller

    Thanks for the reply. I figured out that you had put that warning about the video there after I made the comment. I sure hope this video thing gets worked out too. I agree that the new video standards are the way to go, but really am getting frustrated with the inability to play flash since it is so prevalent out there.

    I read your website every day. I really enjoy it. Thanks for the excellent source of information.