Weber’s On the Grill for iPad – App Review

Summer is coming, and Weber just released a great app to help you cook amazing dishes for your family and friends. Built from the ground up with iPad users in mind, Weber’s On the Grill for iPad features top Weber recipes, as well as tips to put together delicious rubs, marinades, and sauces that are sure to get you and your buddies fired up.

The app is really polished, and is more than you need to get your grill on. Weber’s On the Grill for iPad includes over 250 classic grilling recipes from Weber’s best-selling cookbooks such as Weber’s Art of the Grill, Weber’s Big Book of Grilling, Weber’s Charcoal Grilling, and Weber’s Real Grilling. On top of that, the app also features dozens of recipes for everything from starters to desserts and marinades to rubs.

The guys at Weber really worked hard at making the app iPad friendly. Weber’s On the Grill for iPad lets you find recipes by categories, such as starters, red meat, pork, poultry, seafood, etc… You can also quickly find recipes by simply typing a term in the search window. You can tag your favorite recipes, and email them to your friends.

The app includes helpful how-to videos, to help you learn the basics about grilling. You can even add your own notes to any recipe, to make sure that any tasty tweak you made to the basic recipes will not be lost.

Weber’s On the Grill for iPad also lets you put together itemized grocery lists, to make sure you don’t forget anything for your next party. To make shopping easy, the ingredients are intuitively organized by category. You simply add recipes to your list and the app will automatically create a shopping guide for all the ingredients you need to purchase. Check boxes let you mark off items as you shop, to make your trip to the grocery store as easy as possible.

Weber’s On the Grill for iPad also features tips to master your grilling techniques, so even if you are a grilling newbie, the app is designed to make sure you get the best result possible. Short instructional grilling videos and how-to videos covering topics such as grill and food prep, plus basic recipes, are built-in.

Weber’s On the Grill for iPad includes a nice feature most similar apps do not: a pre-configured grill timer, which launches directly from the recipe you selected.

What we liked: Nice and large selection of recipes, designed for grilling newbies, as well as pros.

What we didn’t like: Nothing, really!

To get or not to get: If you plan to have friends and family over in the next coming weeks, and want to try new recipes, this is the app to get. Intuitive, polished, simple, and designed to make sure you simply cannot mess anything up, Weber’s On the Grill for iPad is a must have for anyone who owns a grill.

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  • Ricardo

    This one is a no-brainer for me!! Weber Genesis + ‘On the Grill for iPad’ = Summer!

  • Ricardo

    Ugh… the cookbook is 488MB!!! That puts a dent on my 16GB iPad!!!!