Sort Shots for iPad – Quick App Review

Looking for ways to sort through hundreds of pictures on your iPad? Sort Shots helps you find photographs and videos on your iPad. Tap on a tag (keyword), a rating, a category or favorites to quickly locate your photographs. Your “Sorts” can be saved for easy retrieval.

Select one or more photographs and share them on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Picasa. Feel free to create an impromptu slide-show by simply tapping the “Play” button and the images begin to play along with music from your library.

What I find useful about this app, is that it eliminates the need to scroll through all of your photos when looking for a photo of a friend. Simply, do a sort based on their name. If you want to reduce the results further, add additional criteria such as a place or event. Tap on a thumbnail to view the image full screen. If you want to see the results based on your ratings, simply tap on the Low-to-High or High-to-Low button.

The app allows you to select multiple photographs to categorize, making it more efficient to assign terms. Tap once to select multiple photographs, tap on the term to associate it with the photograph, tap again to deselect and assign keywords to the remaining selected photos.

A few features seem to be missing. For example, would like to see photos be sorted by date. In addition, would like to see the capability of importing tags into the app to avoid re-tagging hundreds of pictures manually.

Features Summary

  • Fast image retrieval through unique photo and video tagging.
  • Tagging options include personalized keywords, ratings, favorites, places, or type of media (photo or video).
  • Panels for editing, managing, assigning and sorting tags.
  • Latest version (v1.1) provides you improved tagging functionality allowing you to choose various levels of keywords.
  • Add sort terms to photos individually or in groups. For example, add the tag “Europe” to a number of photos or categorize each photo one at a time.
  • Add your own custom categories.
  • Image sharing with popular web services such as Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Create an impromptu slide-show with music from your library.

Sort Shots, at $4.99 is a bit pricey, but a good way to quickly retrieve your photographs for easy viewing and sharing.

  • App Name: Sort Shots – iPad Edition
  • Developer: Beanheads Consulting
  • Version used for this review: 1.1
  • Price when reviewed: $4.99


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  • Ari Blackthorne

    Greatly appreciate your reviews. However it would be most helpful to include a “price at time of review” and whether it is a universal or iPad/iPhone only and such.

    Just some friendly feedback. :)

    • Roberto

      Hi Ari. Ooops. We missed that part. We do include such information on all paid apps reviews. We fixed it. Good catch!

  • Aden Thomas

    Looks like they are in the middle of updating their website for custom slideshows….nothing on iTunes though????

  • andy keating

    I have used this app and find it really useful.For photo organization, you can’t go wrong with Sort Shots. It brings the power of tagging to your photo collection; once you get everything set up you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in just a couple of taps. I highly recommend this app to anyone trying to get their photos organized.

  • Mike Gayle

    Great App! Perfect application for tagging the pics and videos on the ipad…..They could easily charge $20 for this and I still would have bought it and loved it!

  • Joby

    This is so cool. I have recommended it to everyone!