Hulu’s iPad App Delayed, Again!

We recently wrote about Hulu’s decision to delay HTML5 support on their site. Hulu made some statements on their blog saying they would monitor the developments on HTML5, but as of now it does not meet all of their customers’ needs.

There were plenty of rumors about Hulu launching an iPad app with a monthly subscription ($10 per month). The service would be called Hulu Plus. Back in April, The Los Angeles Times reported that Hulu’s new service would arrive around May 24.

Well, today Media Memo has reported that Hulu’s service launch will not happen as expected, which basically means an iPad app still in limbo. It seems that the big powers inside Fox, Disney’s ABC and NBC have not come to terms as to how the service will be rolled out.

One thing is for sure. According to the Media Memo report, the Hulu service still remains in negotiations with content holders. Fox, ABC and NBC, at least, have agreed to the subscription plan content, including the $10 per month fee.

For all Hulu fans out there, it would be safe to assume that Hulu’s iPad app (if ever released) will be somewhat similar to the ABC and Netflix apps. But, one of the biggest issues has been the fact that ABC’s app offers great content for free with advertisement support. This has certainly created some issues with Hulu’s plan to charge for content via a subscription plan.

Keep in mind that Hulu will claim they offer you a deeper catalog of broadcast shows. And, Hulu will certainly continue to pressure to offer their service via a subscription plan, citing that you should pay for online access to valuable content.

Are you a Hulu user? Are you planning to consume your favorite shows video content in a different way? What do you think about the recent developments?

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  • Mike Miller

    I am an avid Hulu user on my PC. I love the ABC app for my iPad. There is no way I will pay $10.00 per month for what I am getting for free now. I will continue to watch shows I cannot get free of charge on my Ipad on my pc if they remain free there. If that goes subscription based as well, I will just set my DVR and watch that way.

  • Glenn

    Playon is coming out with an iPad edition and it does support Hulu so they better hurry before they get beat out!

  • Michael

    I can understand Hulu wanting to go with a subscription plan offering but with a commercial subsidized web delivery system in place on the web they should offer that as well on the iPad. I love Hulu on the web. I love my iPad. The ABC app is great! Why Hulu does follow ABC’s app model with commercials is a no brainer. Heck, even call it a “Lite” version. But, $10 a month is only mildly comparable to Netflix and for that money they better broaden their offerings to include more programs from Discovery. Food Network, History Channel, etc… And then I would do it and drop my cable company at the same time, especially if I can get it on my BluRay box too.

  • J. Clarence

    Ten bucks a month is not bad, especially for commuters like myself that travel a lot in the day or take long trips. Being able to just watch a wealth of shows, that I might not have added to my NetFlix list sounds worth it; plus, it will likely mean that Hulu will expand their library even more so than before.