iPad Quick Tip – View Page Source In iPad Safari

If you are a webmaster like me, and always wondered how to check the source of your web pages via your iPad, search no more: the folks at RavelRumba put together a nice “bookmarklet” that will allow you to have access to the source of the page you are looking at, simply by using a bookmark.

To get it to work, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to this page, and copy the bookmarklet (tap for more than 1 second, hit “Select All” then “Copy”).
  2. Create a bookmark via the “Add Bookmark” function in Safari (the plus sign next to the address bar). Don’t worry about the actual page you are bookmarking, it does not matter.
  3. Open the “Bookmark Bar” (the icon that looks like a book), tap “Edit” to edit the bookmark you just created. Replace the bookmark name with something friendly like “Check Source”, and delete the address that was initially bookmarked. Replace it with the code you just copied (long tap, then “Paste”).
  4. Save the bookmark.

And voila, your iPad will now display the source of the page you are looking at, every time you use the “Check Source” bookmark. Kudos to RavelRumba for this simple yet extremely useful feature.

Now that people are getting their iPads, we’ve started our iPad Quick Tips series to help you get the most out of your new gadget. We’ll post our tips on a regular basis so keep coming back to find out the latest tricks and tips.

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    This is really helpful for my day-to-day use of the iPad….


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    Thanks for this tip!

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    Thank you! Good trick to eliminate an iPad safari frustration

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    That is awesome! Thank you so much!

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    Wow that is slick…Thank You

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    Love it!

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    Great! Just what I needed. Thanks for posting!

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    Great! Just what I needed. Thanks for posting!

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    Just the tip that everyone needs, and it works, thanks!

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    Any tricks on how to see the “rendered source” to see the loaded items instead of just the source code?

  • Ziadbt

    It would be extremely useful if I can copy anything from the source code displayed! But unfortunately everytime I try to copy it just doesn’t work! Help!