Software Patch to Solve Wi-Fi Issues

By now, everyone is familiar with the Wi-Fi connectivity issues that were reported by some iPad owners, and investigated by PadGadget back in April. Most of the issues reported involved loss of signal, lost passwords and dropped connections, just to name a few. Apple responded to customer concerns by posting an iPad FAQ in the Apple Customer Support Knowledge Base to try and resolve the problem.

Back in April, we also saw many media outlets reporting about Apple’s tech support promising a software patch for a “very small number of beleaguered iPad owners”.  MacRumors, reported today, that Apple recently updated their tech support document stating they are working hard on a fix and will “address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update.”

Apple said the problem only impacts a “small number” of users, but still it is inconvenient for those that have been affected by this issue. Until then, I guess the updated tech support document will continue to list a number of workarounds including updating your Wi-Fi router firmware, adjusting the iPad’s screen brightness, renewing your IP address, and using WPA or WPA2 wireless security. Stay tuned, we will let you know as soon as the software patch becomes available.

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