Strong Signs For iPad Demand Overseas

We recently talked about ways for you to resell your existing iPad. Why?  Well, because there is already a strong demand overseas for it. If you have been thinking of upgrading to a 3G + Wi-Fi iPad this is the time for you to sell your existing Wi-Fi iPad.

Dennis Goedegebuure, from eBay Inc., wrote a nice article about the iPad exports from the United States. Dennis mentions that eBay has been observing the iPad sales on their site. If we review his U.S. exports graph (featured below), we can quickly notice that by delaying the iPad’s international launch, Apple impacted the demand for iPads sold on eBay’s U.S. website. Of course, this is also the reason why the prices for an iPad sold overseas jumped drastically.

The number of iPads sold via eBay look strong, with 65% of those sold on the site going to buyers in other countries. Again, an indication the sales spike in mid-April was due to Apple’s delay to sell iPads overseas. I think the iPad frenzy has become a well documented theme. The consumer interest for this product and the multiple roles it can play in your daily life have driven many people to the “early adopters” stage.

Based on the data we have seen from The Times’ Bits blog, the United Arab Emirates consumers paid $537 over the retail price for the iPad, more than anywhere else. The Arabs bought the high-powered version 64 GB iPads.

One country that surprised me, is Greece. Despite the country’s debt crisis, the Greeks have been paying approximately $269 above retail. And the British, have bought 550 iPads on eBay, the most of any country. Let’s not forget Canada and Australia. Another country that jumped into the mix was Russia, who bought 215 iPads (16 GB version).

The iPad has been very successful in the U.S. already. The product seems to be making a dent in the computer market. We are already seeing strong signs from the international market. If you are still thinking about upgrading to the 3G + Wi-Fi iPad, there is a strong market waiting for you overseas.

Don’t forget that Apple announced, just 2 days ago, the iPad will be available overseas starting on May 28. That is 3 weeks from today. I think you still have an open window to get potential buyers overseas!

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