World of Warcraft On iPad?

To the millions of subscribers of World of Warcraft (WoW), it seems some experiments are being conducted with the world famous game and the iPad. This past weekend, David Perry, CEO and co-founder of Gaikai, posted an image of the game running on an iPad.

In case you are not familiar with Gaikai, it is a new service (still in beta) that hosts and streams any game to your computer via a browser. Basically, you play games that reside on Gaikai’s servers while watching a streaming video of the action. According to reports, Gaikai is working on a technology to allow streaming of games to a browser or other thin-clients. The idea is that all the processing logic happens on their servers and the graphics and sound are streamed to the client, then input is sent back to the Gaikai servers.

Although there have been numerous images posted on the Internet, we still don’t know how well the game was running on the iPad. David Perry only mentioned the game was running via WiFi in the Gaikai offices. We have only seen a still image, but no videos, so there is no way to tell what the experience was like.

It is very easy to get excited about World of Warcraft on your iPad. You will quickly start thinking about how awesome multi-touch controls would work with the game. You could easily imagine the raiding experience taken to a whole new level. However, how would you control the game on your iPad? As of now, the game is a mouse and keyboard intensive experience. Of course, we know we can pair a bluetooth keyboard to the iPad. However, we have not seen successful cases of pairing a mouse to an iPad for this kind of gaming experience.

We will have to wait and see how this experiment unfolds. Perhaps, Gaikai, may be planning to offer an iPad app that simulates today’s experience and takes it to a whole new level. Without a doubt, World of Warcraft, is a very intriguing concept for the iPad. For now, we will have to wait!

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  • tehag

    According to Gaikai’s web page, their systems runs on Adobe’s Flash. Draw the appropriate conclusions.

    • onlnagent

      Well then, I guess it’s a good thing my iPad runs flash now is’nt it.