5 Must Have iPad Car Accessories

The iPhone is a favorite travel companion for many people and we’ve been asked several times how easy it is to travel with the iPad.  We previously covered some great airplane travel accessories so this time we wanted to focus more on a daily mode of transportation, your car.

These accessories will come in handy if you’re doing a 30 minute commute to work or traveling across the country with your kids for summer vacation.  This Top 5 list has something for everyone.

Also be sure to check our updated coverage on iPad Car Mounts for up-to-date iPad car accessories.

1.) Front Seat Mounts – If you’re traveling by car you’ll need a convenient and secure way to mount your iPad.  The iPad accessory market is still in the early stages but there already are several attractive mounting options coming out from vendors.  If you need a temporary mount for the front of the car, for using the iPad as a GPS, we’d recommend a window suction mount, cup holder mount or air vent mount.  These mounting options are available form RAM Mounts or Mount Guys with prices starting at $29.99.

Mount Guys Cup Holder and RAM Mount Suction Mount

Mount Guys Air Vent Mounts

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  • PixMan

    I am not sure this is needed if you have a iPod car charger. Am I mistaken that the iPad takes 12 VDC directly and all the adapter does is adapt from the lighter plug to the dock connector?

    If that is correct, any car battery should have the amperage to charge the iPad so the only issue would be wire gauge.

    Does anyone know for sure??

    • Brian M

      input on iPad (and other iPhone/iPod Touch type devices) is 5 Volts, so the powerjolt converts from 12V to 5V (and has to be able to handle the necessary Amps)

  • http://www.thedidenizen.com Cara Jean Means

    Thanks for the link! I just used my holster for a trip to Phoenix last weekend and it worked like a charm!

  • http://www.freeipadapps.net FreeiPadApps.net

    Very cool, although I’m way too paranoid to have to leave my iPad in my car as I would a Garmin.

  • HB Elkins

    The PowerJolt did not work on my iPad, although it worked fine on my iPod and my iPhone. I need another solution to charge/power the iPad in my vehicle. I’m going to use it as a GPS.

    The MountGuys vent mount is flimsy. My vent clips broke. They are basically selling the RAM Mount suction cup with an adapter screwed on it to it the vent mount.

  • HB Elkins

    I take that back. The PowerJolt I got was the Universal model available at Walmart. I’ll have to pick up the one specifically designed for the iPad, or else get a DC to AC inverter and use my AC adapter.

  • romain

    you can find it at ifuncity.com for $16 and they offer free shipping. its the best deal i found online. i bought a couple so i can give them for birthdays and maybe christmas gifts…

  • Annoyed

    All this stuff is great, but where the hell do you buy it!!!!???

    • Bill

      We added links to most of the items in the post. You can find most of the items, or newer versions, at Amazon.

  • http://www.1DigitalOnline.com Mark Li

    Thank you for your sharing.

  • http://www.twitter.com/codygibbs Cody Gibbs

    If you’re looking for a backseat mount, we just came out with CoulVue and CoulVue for iPad 2. You can learn more and place an order here: http://toucoul.com

    The difference between the ModulR mount and CoulVue is that CoulVue has an adjustable arm for multiple angles and offers a lot of flexibility.

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    Produced Autos since 1964. Total System – Camber and Caster adjuster kits,
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