iPads at Work Series – Photographer

Today begins our series on iPads at work.  PadGadget has covered many stories we’ve found interesting about the iPad and with this series, we wanted to get to know our readers better.  For the next 2-3  weeks, we will feature several of our readers and the way they use their iPads for their jobs.  If you would like to join in the fun, leave a comment or send an e-mail telling us a little bit about you and your iPad.  Who knows, maybe we will feature you too!

With all the digital technology available these days, most of us, including the professionals, have given up on film and switched over to memory cards when it comes to photography.

Our first “iPads at Work” post features Mike, a photographer from Texas.  He purchased the iPad to use for work and has quickly integrated it into his everyday life both in and out of the studio.  Check out Mike’s story below.

  • Name: Mike Irvin
  • Location: Dallas/Fort Worth (North Richland Hills, TX)
  • Employer: Irvin Photography
  • Profession: Photographer

As a photographer, I used to carry around a laptop but would rarely use it for actual “Photography” or anything that took advantage of its full power. I always preferred to view a recent photo shoot in my darkened office on the bigger screen of my desktop to take in the full essence of the shots and do any color correcting or final preparation.

When the iPhone came out, it was great.  I loved the convenience and could easily check email while out and about on jobs.  I soon realized, however, that my follow-up responses looked much more professional if I waited and responded to sales information requests and business inquires when I returned to my office desktop.  At that point, my iPhone became a great way to just keep an eye on things.

The release of the iPad has allowed me to change my correspondence with customers.  Pages on the iPad lets me actually respond back to customers by using some standard responses and a larger keyboard.  I’m also able to send PDF attachments using Mail and have it viewable on smart phones.  Plus, the attachments look really great on the iPad.  My iPad keeps me in the mobile device market which I think is a big part of where businesses need to be now.

Although the #1 way the iPad has impacted my work is email, my promotional materials have changed too.  They now point to a blog-based website making them more mobile device friendly because I have found more and more brides are doing searches from their mobile devices.

As a wedding photographer, I am working out details and looking at the iPad, along with many of my colleagues, to provide New Media Digital Wedding Albums.  These albums will be presented to clients in addition to the traditional leather bound album. This new media album allows me, as well as many of my colleagues, to provide couples with a slide show of the best images from their special day while presenting them in a way that brings the viewer into the images.  (The recent rumors of “Lifetime Limits” on the number of iPads a person can purchase may put an damper on that though.)

I think we haven’t seen all the potential uses for the iPad yet.  For instance, I would love an app that would let me use an Eye-fi SD Card in my camera and have it beam images over to the iPad as they are taken.  Then I could hand an iPad to the mother-of-the-bride during a bridal shoot and she could watch the images as the shots are taken. You can do this in a studio but it would be nice to do it on location also.

In addition to work, I plan to take my iPad to our next family gathering and just let the pictures taken since the last get together run in the slideshow mode for all to view and catch up.  I’ll also use my iPad a large part of the time as a recliner companion, news reader, book reader, video media player and digital portfolio.

The naysayers can nay for all I care.  I can find plenty for the iPad to do to earn its keep.  If you can’t, well that’s ok too.

Thanks for your contribution to our series Mike.  Good luck with your iPad!

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