Printing Apps for Your iPad

A lot has been said about the iPad’s potential as a replacement for your laptop. Many people have expressed some valid concerns as to why this device might not be able to replace your computer completely. The iPad is a device just about anybody will like because of the flexibility it brings to entertain, inform and conduct some business work. As an entertainment device, the iPad is awesome.  As a tool for basic business needs, while on vacation or quick travel, the device will work great keeping you in touch with everything around you.

What about printing from your iPad? This is one of the missing features for many people. As of now, there’s no perfect way to print from your iPad. However, thanks to the strong iPad ecosystem, developers are already releasing a list of printing apps. The experience is not quite perfect yet, but the following apps make printing with your iPad possible.

We would like to hear how you are printing with your iPad. Share your experience with us!

iPrint by Epson: If you own an Epson printer this app may work for you. However, this app is designed to print ONLY photos. We’ve only been able to use it over WiFi, since the iPad 3G won’t be out for another week. Unlike your laptop, there are no drivers to install. Simply install the app, and start printing your mobile photos immediately. This app can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

PrintCentral by EuroSmartz: This app allows you to print from your iPad to any printer connected to your computer (over WiFi). PrintCentral comes with several features – you can print, save, email web pages as you’re browsing; select and print multiple photos from your album; print your contacts as a list, card, or custom layout; mount your iPad as an external hard drive on your Mac or PC; view documents stored on your home computer. This app can be downloaded from the App Store for $9.99.

ePrint by Microtech Corp: This app can print web pages, downloaded images, and even PDF files. ePrint offers several printing formats, including some photo-friendly options like border and time stamps. While ePrint is compatible with the iPad, it has one big drawback, it doesn’t support document sharing so you won’t be able to print directly from your other apps. One unfavorable workaround is to take screenshots of your documents, then proceed with printing. Adding document sharing capabilities to this app will certainly improve its rating. ePrint is a low cost printing option, but it will certainly require extra steps. This app can be downloaded from the App Store for $2.99.

ACTPrinter by Houdah Software: This app is a virtual printer. In other words, it acts as a reverse printer for your iPad. You do not print documents from your iPad to paper. Instead, ACTPrinter “prints” from your computer right onto your iPad screen. This could be an easy way to carry around coupons and to-do reminders. However, you can always argue that emailing files is easier. This app can be downloaded from the App Store for $0.99.

Print Magic by Wellala, Inc.: This is an iPhone app, but compatible with the iPad. Print Magic allows you to print web pages, text, and images without installing additional software. The app works with HP printers and several OEM printers such as Epson, Brother, Canon, amongst others. This is a good choice for easy printing. However, I recommend you first download their free test app, “Printer Test for PrintMagic”, since it allows you to test if your network printer is compatible with Print Magic.  Print Magic can be downloaded from the App Store for $6.99.

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  • klotzpotz

    There is also an “Print Magic HD” app for iPad.

    • Roberto


  • John

    Yesterday I bought the Lexmark P750 for the office and within a few minutes of installing the free LexPrint app I was able to print photos directly from the iPad. Yes you have to be creative by capturing screen shots (holding down main iPad button while pressing the top power button) of an email or document and then printing as a photo, but really it worked great. With the screen capture function on the iPad I am pretty happy for now. I am sure that these apps will get better and hopefully have fully functional printing of documents but for now it is a great work around.
    Side note: I did need to download the watching software for my desktop available free at the site.

    • Roberto

      Thanks John for sharing this. One of my friends has a Lexmark printer. Your comments and suggestion come in very handy! Thanks again.

    • Chip

      Thanks, John – regarding “watching software”, did you mean Lexmark’s Listener Application? If not, could you point to Lexmark’s watching software. Did you download software directly into iPad using Safari? Appreciate your help…

  • epiphonecoders

    The iprinter app does the opposite, which I consider much more useful: It lets you print via bonjour TO your iPad. So any desktop machine that can do network printing can send virtually any type of document to your iPad, where it will be converted to PDF. Save a tree! I wish I had written that app.

  • Tonioska

    You can also connect your USB printer to this amazing router and print from your Ipad without the need if a laptop or PC.

  • taimur tareen

    Is any Lexmark printer usable with IPAD or only a certain model of Lexmark

  • Reon

    I bought PrintCentral and it works really well with my HP Deskjet and even my sister’s Epson Stylus at her place on WIFI and 3G – but my Lexmark 4500 wont work at all ! I only want to use the one app as it is awesome for my email and don’t want to get rid of the Lexmark!

  • Joop

    I have an
    HP Photosmart c6300 printer , Will it work whit printer pro ?

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    It lets you print via bonjour TO your iPad. So any desktop machine that
    can do network printing can send virtually any type of document to your
    iPad, where it will be converted to PDF. Save a tree! I wish I had
    written that app

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  • Danny

    Do I have to own a network printer to print from iPad? Can I use ordinary printers available? I already have 4 printers at home and I don’t want to buy another one if I don’t have to.