Broken iPad? Everything Is Not Lost

So you lent your iPad to your little brother or your (soon to be ex) best friend, and all you got back was a brick, or worse, something that looks like this picture? You can try to call Apple Care, but more often than not, if the iPad was broken due to human error, you will be denied any kind of coverage. And sending the iPad back to Apple for repairs could cost you almost as much as a brand new iPad.

Everything is not lost though. If you really have no choice but to buy a new one, don’t toss the old one away. Many companies like BuyMyTronics are willing to buy them, albeit at a large discount.

For instance, BuyMyTronics offers up to $184 for a broken 64GB 3G iPad with a cracked screen, about 22% of the US retail price for the device. Not that much compared to the initial cost, but still pretty nice for nothing more than a paperweight.

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  • John

    You could use a repair company like to do an iPad Repair. They only charge $30 labor + part cost. They’ll send you a box and shipping is free.

  • C-New

    Hi John – wow: don’t you mean “We?” Nothing will drive me away from a potential vendor or client quicker than evidence of trying to trick me.

    Here’s my advice: There is no problem with honest and upfront advertising. But, if your marketing involves trickery (for example, an employee posting the information about his company under the false guise of an uninterested party having no financial interest in the company), then I am alerted that the employees use tricks, and that any business or transaction will have to be examined carefully for evidence of deceit.

  • zenfosec


    I completely agree.


    It appears that I have my second broken iPad in front of me. My first iPad just started one day with a thick, gray line horizontally across the screen.

    The local Apple store replaced it right away, with no wait or issues at all.

    The replacement has worked great for about a month. Now, it won’t power on at all. It is not recognized by my MacBook Pro, and the screen does not come on when it’s plugged into the charger.

    I have an appointment with the “Genius Bar” (such a pretentious name, hehe) tomorrow. I’m sure they will replace it again. Their service is great, but I can’t believe I’ve had two broken ones in a row!?! Hopefully, for the other iPad users out there, this is just a fluke.