Fashion Apps for the iPad

According to stylelist’s report yesterday, the hottest new fashion accessory this week is the iPad.  They predict it is only a matter of time before the fashion industry fully embraces the iPad technology and they “expect to see magazines, style apps, and new ways to shop on our iPads in no time.”  A few iPad apps have already been released for magazines like Time and GQ, and it’s probably only a matter of time before many other titles become available.  Here are a couple of iPad specific apps you might be interested in for your fashion needs!

I downloaded the Gilt and GAP apps (the two iPad specific apps reported on by stylelist) this morning to see just how well I really liked them.  I’m a Gilt shopper already and receive my daily emails informing me of the great deals they have going on each day.  The Gilt app for the iPad is a fashionable and fun way to shop.  It has all the great high-end designers and products you currently see online, plus it’s really portable.  From what I can tell, it is very similar to the app for the iPhone; however, the screen is much larger and the pictures clearer on the iPad.  I think the Gilt app is easy to use and the product layouts look great on the larger screen.  Gild is a must have app for all you fashionistas!

My girls love to shop at GAP and they really enjoy all the fun mix-and-match possibilities they are able to put together while shopping.  It allows them to be creative and develop their own sense of fashion.  The GAP 1969 app is fun too!  It only works in landscape mode (no big deal to me) and has three available features:  1969 Stream, Gap Finder and Shop.  1969 Stream is a large ad, more or less, with video, pictures, articles and information about GAP.  Simply drag your finger around the screen to view different bits of information and pictures.  Find something you want to read or view?  Tap once on the picture and a window containing information or a video on that particular item pops up.  This feature is a fun trivia page with lots of GAP info.  The Gap Finder and Shop features are just what you would expect.  Finder helps you find the GAP stores closest to your current location and Shop allows you to do a little damage with online shopping.

I find it fascinating to watch the progression of mobile technology and the way it continues to impact our daily lives.   As our society becomes increasingly mobile, the fashion industry and designers from around the world will strive to develop ways to successfully target the fashion conscience audience.  Whether it’s digital fashion mags or online shopping apps, there’s something out there for everyone.  Have a great fashion app tip?  I’d love for you to leave a comment.

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  • Robin Jewsbury

    There’s a great fashion site called MobileMags where you can see lots of magazines that work on the iPad, the iPhone and thousands of different types of mobile phone. You can even create your own magazines there too.

  • Paul

    Personally I’m getting a little worn out by the overkill of iPad media coverage. Sure the apps sound fun but are they really any more useful than shopping on say, Google Products or Doubt it.