Apple Store iPad Class – is it Worth it?

Now that many of you have a new iPad, do you need some help figuring out all the new features? If so, check out one of Apple’s free Introduction to iPad classes.

The PadGadget team went to the first iPad class here at our local Dallas Apple Store.  The class was offered by reservation, but we had several folks walk up and join the class.  The 15-20 people in the class were huddled around one of the Apple Store display tables and each person has their own iPad to follow what the instructor was covering.

Jared, our instructor, started by giving a quick intro to the iPad hardware and went over all the buttons and basic power cycling techniques.  The iPad hardware operation will be very familiar to anyone that’s used an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The first app Jared covered was Safari.  Jared, explained we were “holding the Internet in our hands” and showed everyone how to surf, search and bookmark webpages.  The iPad’s larger screen allows for a few more features compared to the iPhone or Touch including a more advanced set of browser tab capabilities.

Jared then proceeded to go through each app on the iPad covering Calendar, iBooks, Mail, Notes, Photos, Maps, iTunes, iPod, Video and the App Store. The introduction lasted for about an hour and was very thorough in covering all the iPad basics. Although the material was new to the instructors, they had a checklist they used as a reference when going over each app, they delivered it well.

If you have never used an iPhone, Touch or iPad before then this free intro class is well worth your time. Even if you are an iPhone pro, there were many good tidbits that make this class worth a trip to your local Apple Store.

Grade: A

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  • Joe Black

    Could you provide an overview of the tidbits? It would save us a trip to the Apple Store or could be used as a reminder. Thanks.

  • bennet278

    What I find truly fascinating about the iPad is that birthday app that got featured in the latest Modern Family episode. The user can literally blow out candles on a virtual birthday cake. Works really well on the iPhone too. The app is called Birthday A La Carte. Here’s a link:

  • Bill

    Wow there were a lot of things they covered in the hour session. Here are the top 5 things I picked up:

    1.) Safari pinch to zoom video – simply zoom any video in safari and it will go full screen.
    2.) iBooks – comes with a free version of Winnie the Pooh (I bet Steve’s Disney connection helped there). You can bookmark pages.
    3.) Keyboard – one cool trick I learned (its not new but I never knew) is that you can tap on the shift or number key and then slide your finger to the letter or number you want. It
    4.) Quick Mute – The iPad does not have a mute button like the iPhone. You can quickly mute sound by holding the volume down button for about 1 second.
    5.) Web top-of-the-page trick – if you’re browsing a long web page and want to return quickly to the top, simply tap the title bar once and you are teleported to the top of the web page you’re viewing.

    Maybe we’ll put a top tricks list together for a future post.

  • http://Yahoo Barbara Marsh

    How can I find a store that will give iPad lessons in my area code (48316)?

    • Beverly Johnson


  • http://Yahoo Barbara Marsh

    My zip code is 48316. How can I find a store in my area that will give iPad lessons?

  • Beverly Johnson


  • San1042

    I live in Mundelein, IL and would like to take an iPad class.  Where can i find such a class?


  • Yvonne Madrid

    My zip code is 89121. My granddaughter and I would like to take free iPad class.