Boingo WiFi App Hits iPad

We reported recently about Boingo Wireless app for the iPad. A few of our readers contacted us to confirm the report was true. Some of you had reach out to Boingo and were told that the normal $9.95 per month rate would NOT include the iPad. That it would require an additional $7.95 to use the monthly plan on the iPad and a laptop.

We wanted to provide a quick update to all of you on Boingo’s plans. Typically, users sign up for Boingo Wireless by subscription, in other words, you give them money each month in exchange for hotspot access. Now, with the new Boingo Wi-Fi Credit app for the iTunes App Store everything changes and brings you more flexibility. Owners of iPhones, iPod touch, and the upcoming iPad can buy credits in $1.99 increments good for 60 minutes at Boingo hotspots. The app itself is free, and so is your first credit.

A lot of flexibility for all of you. You can purchase 10 credits for $19.99 and you get 1 credit hour free. In addition, you can pay for all these credits using your iTunes account. Credits are good for 12 months, and expire if unused.

Of course, monthly subscriptions are still an option for $7.95 a month domestically, which is better for all those heavy travelers. That plan is called Boingo Mobile.

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